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Maximize your code's potential with our cutting-edge FaaS and BGP Anycast solutions for unparalleled performance.

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Cloud Computing

Accelerate code execution with our cutting-edge cloud platform.


Optimize code performance with our flexible, scalable Function-as-a-Service.

BGP Anycast

Maximize network reliability with our global BGP Anycast solutions.


Protect code and data with our secure, integrated cloud and FaaS platform.


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Cloud Sprinter


  • Fast code execution with our advanced cloud platform.

  • Improve code performance with our scalable FaaS.

  • Secure code and data with our integrated cloud and FaaS.

  • Ensure network reliability with our BGP Anycast.

  • Expand code reach and reliability with our global solutions.

Cloud Marathon


  • All included in "Cloud Sprinter"

  • Real-time network performance data and metrics.

  • Personal technical support team

  • Regular network health checks and performance monitoring.

  • Improve network performance in emerging countries

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